Faith Family Freedom Fund is committed to getting the right leaders across the finish line on Election Day 2024

We Need Your Help

In this critical time for our nation, it is essential that we have principled, courageous leaders in Congress and that there are majorities in our federal chambers that can push for important policies and stop the bad ones. In 2024 both the US House and US Senate could very well be decided by the slimmest of margins.

House Balance of Power

213 221 +4 Republicans Democrats Republican Vacancies

Senate Balance of Power

51 49 -1 Republicans Democrats Independent Republican

Our Priorities

The Faith Family Freedom Fund focuses its efforts on specific candidates so that those who believe in protecting faith, family, and freedom are not silenced by Big Government.

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Financially support viable Christian, conservative statesmen to the House and Senate

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Gather financial support from those uncomfortable supporting “establishment” values

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Coalesce donations to strategically target key races

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Grow the influence of groups committed to faith, family and freedom by electing the right leaders

Change Can't Wait

Yes, I’ll invest to support conservative candidates and help restore faith, family, and freedom in our nation.